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Red Dog Vineyards - Grapevine Nursery - Provider of Cold  Hardy Grape Vines and Bare Root Wine Grapes for the Northern Climate Grape Grower


Red Dog Vineyards and Grapevine Nursery is a family owned licensed wholesale and retail grape vine nursery specializing in cold climate wine grapes from the University Of Minnesota, Elmer Swenson,  Eastern Europe, and many other imported varieties.
We are the innovators in container grown grapevine nursery stock!

We sell wholesale and retail in amounts greater than 20 vines.

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We will ship vines May 25th through June 12th 2015.

We are sold out for this year! We will be taking orders for spring 2016 in late July.

La Crescent
Frontenac Gris
Osceola Muscat
Geisenheim 318
Castel 19-637
L. Acadie Blanc
Vandal Cliché
Triumph d Alsace
Burdin 11042
Baco Blanc
Sovereign Noir
Sovereign Rose
Sovereign Tiara

Red Dog Vineyard and Nursery's mission is to provide the highest quality winter hardy grape vines and also provide cold hardy French hybrid grapes for the milder Midwest climates.

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About Our Vines:

Our potted vines (shown above) are  grown from dormant hardwood cuttings that have been collected during December, January, and February. The potted vines typically have 6 to 14 inches of top growth. They are rooted in the greenhouse  and grown until  May when they are hardened off to outdoor conditions. These vines are vigorously growing and ready to plant in the field when you receive them. They are propagated in biodegradable paper pots known as plant bands. We buy the plant bands from Monarch Manufacturing, a plant propagation and protection company.  These bands measure six inches deep and are two inches wide. They are open on the bottom and have holes punched through the sides for the roots to reach out. The vines are meant to be planted together with the biodegradable pot. We grow the cuttings in a soilless growing mix to avoid the transfer of any soil born diseases! The pots require a small hole that is a minimum of eight inches deep and about three inches wide. Transplant stress is greatly reduced since the roots are never disturbed. Just drop them into the hole, backfill with dirt, and water them in. This is a very fast and efficient way to plant vines (and a lot easier on the back!!!).
The potted vines will be shipped May 25th through June 12th 2015! 

The potted vines can be planted throughout the growing season!!!
We recommend that grow tubes be used in windy, dry locations for the first month as the vine's root system gets established in it's permanent location.

Potted Vines from Green Cuttings
: In an effort to bring you the newest vines as soon as possible we are now proagating vines from green cuttings this winter through summer and finishing them off in the greenhouse over the following winter. This will give the vines enough time to become a good size before planting. We will know how many green cutting vines are available in late September 2014. Email us for indications of number of vines needed.

Visit our grape research page! We are testing many grape varieties from around the world. These vines are put through the tests to determine cold hardiness, disease resistance, and potential for quality wine. Many are in our wine grape breeding program. The vines must be able to handle -20F winters and fully ripen the grapes by mid September!
In the spring of 2010, 2011, and 2012 we planted many cold hardy French Hybrid and Eastern European grapes. In the spring of 2013 we  added some cold hardy vines focusing on dry white wines and sparlking wines! We are keeping our fingers crossed as the winter months approach! If they can handle the cold they will be added to the breeding program or made commercially available.

We are also testing many root stocks to match the vines to various soil types. Hopefully this will lead us to higher yields and high quality fruit!

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